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10 Habits For A Clean Home

10 Habits For A Clean Home

neonbrand-3813741. Make your bed.

Make your bed first thing in the morning. Yes you guys this one simple thing can make your house that much cleaner!

2. Put products away once used.

When you are done doing your hair, makeup or your morning cup of coffee, put those items away! Don’t leave your brushes and combs on the counter, or your coffee creamer, and sugar. Put those items away in their home and you will always know where they are and your home will stay cleaner!

3.Clean as you cook

Yes we all know this clean up while you are cooking and you will  have less mess when you are done. Tip keep a bowl lined with a plastic bag on the counter for all the trash you accumulate cooking and when you are done just tie up the bag and toss it!

4. Keep your countertop clear

Put your toaster, blender and whatever else you are used to keeping on the counters in the cabinets or pantry, and just pull them out when you need them, unless you use them often then you can keep them on the counter but keep clutter to a minimum.

5. Throw away junk mail immidietly

As soon as you are going through your mail, file the important stuff and toss the junk, dont keep it on your table or counter for days, toss it immediately and file the rest.

6. Keep sink clean

The trick to this is, load your dishwasher at night, and unload it first thing in the morning,  now you have a empty dishwasher to fill throughout the day. And all you have to do is turn it on after dinner.

7. Put shoes away as soon as you get home

We usually take our shoes off at the front door, and our shoes used to pile up, but now as soon as we walk in, we slide them off and go straight to our closets to put them away!

8. Store tv remotes in a decorative box

Minimize the look of clutter, store your remote controls in a decorative box, two upsides, 1 couch and living room look tidy,  2 you can always find the remotes!

9. Put away cords and chargers

In the morning as soon as you take your phone off the charger if your cord is visible, unplug it and store in your dresser or nightstand. My charger is visible, so it gets the clutter look off the floor.

10. Vacuum

My favorite part of cleaning, I literally vacuum everyday! It gets all the toys off the floor and I love the perfect lines on the carpet! My mom was a housekeeper for many years and she taught me how to clean, maybe that’s why I love it.